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Where independent founders bootstrap their dream business.

  • OS » a 360˚ framework to go from idea to business.
  • Assets » tap into a growing database of resources.
  • Community » progress with fellow bootstrappers.
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"Bring your business ideas to the next level, organise your work
and achieve your goal effectively. All in one place!"

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in 3 steps.

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Clarify a purposeful business idea with a A FREE 7-day email course.

1. Why choose to bootstrap?
2. Ten Bootstrap Principles.
3. Finding a lasting purpose.
4. Solving in vain vs. for Real.
5. A bootstrappers personal brand.
6. How bootstrappers plan best.
7. Stop thinking, start doing.

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Entrepreneurship is messy. Your business is scattered across various Google accounts and 100+ files. BOOTSTRAP OS a single Notion workspace that guides you from A to B whilst taking care of the plan and process in 4 stages:

0. Foundation

Lay the groundwork with synced databases around problem, solution, early adopters, LEAN & Value Proposition Canvas & more.

1. Idea to Concept

Validate your idea by understanding your market through competitive analysis and in depth customer discovery interviews.

2. Concept to MVP

Build your first product with minimum effort, requirements and money spent. Guided & step-by-step MVP launching.

3. MVP to Business

First version of your MVP and have your first customers? It's time to iterate and scale. Optimise your business front to end.

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Where bootstrapped founders leverage shared connections to get ahead faster. Engage in weekly events, accountability, feedback & more. This will be a lifetime NFT mint. Each application gets reviewed to ensure an initial culture fit. Licenses can be resold anytime. Register your interest to get first access ↓


Where bootstrapped founders leverage shared connections to get ahead faster. Engage in weekly events, accountability, feedback & more. Every application is reviewed to ensure a current and future culture fit.

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Who's behind this?

I am Julian Paul, the creator of I have spent over 200+ hours curating and condensing knowledge from building 2x startups, launching 20+ MVPs, learning Busienss Development  at Hyper Island and completing a MSc in High Tech Entrepreneurship at Harbour.Space.

My vision: evolve into the starting point and resource for the highest impact bootstrapped founders.

2 Startups Founded
20+ MVPs built, launched & iterated
Brand & Product Person

Still got questions? Here is anything you might have missed.

"Had some issues where my site crashed and broke, reached out to Fouroom to see if they could help me fix it. Even though we are 12 hours apart in time, they were quick to reply and helpful/willing to do what is needed to fix the issue."


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In case you missed anything.

• You, who has tried and failed many times at building something successful wants to stop jumping ahead.
• You, who wants to master best practices in rapid business building and get it right.
• You, who is chaotic and in need of an organised step-by-step process & plan.
Why is it Notion-based?
Notion is the all-in-one workplace. It allows you to write, place and get organised. It's utility goes beyond personal and professional use as a great tool for workflows and documentation purposes. Perfect for BOOTSTRAP OS!

Getting into Notion can be daunting, but fear not! has created a range of support pieces, for you to get going: What is Notion? If you need more than just this short video, head HERE.
Does this work on the free version of Notion?
Yes. You will receive detailed setup instructions after you purchase the BOOTSTRAP OS.
Is duplicating the BOOTSTRAP OS possible?
Absolutely. You will receive a guide on how to do this in your purchase download.
Can I share the BOOTSTRAP OS with my team / friends?
No. This is a personal license for individual use. There will be Team and Growth Hacking expansions coming soon.

BOOTSTRAP OS with your friends for fun, you are hurting me as a creator. If you DM me and want to refer a friend, I will be happy to offer a juicy discount of course (I usually reply within 24 hours).

Is there a refund policy?
Yes. The refund policy is 14 days. I firmly believe in giving you value and would love to learn what you did not like about the product. So within 14 days: no questions asked (unless you want to provide feedback). After 14 days until 30 days: lengthy feedback form required (no refunds issued until received).
Is there a BOOTSTRAP OS community?
Yes there is. The community however will be paid to ensure engagement. You will find instructions on how to apply to it when you buy the operating system. The first 20 members will have FREE access and will be handpicked.
Why you, Julian Paul?
I have been told to have a great digital product sense alongside some weird 6th sense for structure and organisation. I am always bringing things together in an effective way. And have founded 2 companies (an Accelerator called VENTRY and a remote team development consultancy called AgeOfUs that failed). I am always building new things and am restless in progressing and learning new things. My bio sounds mostly like this: Bermudian born growth mindset freak with a love for house music and an Austrian passion for skiing |

Oh and I absolutely love writing. You can checkout my Medium HERE.

If you are still not convinced, reach out to me and I'd be happy to prove what I know and help you with whatever you need.